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Winter Solstice

ASince time immemorial the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, has been celebrated. Many prayers were offered up, asking for this to happen, because it was understood that these things happen only by divine will. The winter solstice is significant because it foreshadows the time when the Light flows back into the world. How beautiful is it not?

And so even though at the winter solstice we remain with the dark and cold of winter for some weeks, as we remain in our time of dreaming new dreams, the Light beckons, showing us new and better ways forward, infusing each day with the Light of more possibilities. Whether or not we take up these possibilities is up to us, because we have free will. What will we choose?

If you feel inspired you may wish to spend a few moments out in the darkness of the evening - to drink in its hidden potential. The darkness of night can be delicious, because it takes us into the wombtime of existence. Then as you return to the warmth of your home, perhaps you'll feel inspired to light a candle, or to gaze deeply into the fire, and consider how you can infuse your coming Spring cycle with new life, new potential.

June 2005

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