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Rising Above Difficult Moments

How hard it can be when life doesn't go as we'd hoped. When relationships founder, when our jobs cease to fulfil, when good friendships cool or come unstuck, our optimism disappears. Suddenly the universe seems random and uncaring. Nothing seems to bring us joy, and in quiet moments we wonder if we'll ever feel happy again. Often our connection with the rest of life is fragile at best, because we have decided how our lives should unfold. Then when things do not happen the way we had hoped, we feel angry, cheated.

When things go wrong, life does respond. In the times that stretch us, life is nudging us beyond where we are, to where we are meant to be physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. When we can hold this understanding deep in our hearts, then the way forward will become apparent with far greater ease. It is then we discover we were in fact standing on the threshold of a whole new way of experiencing life.

We achieve this by rising above the situation we are currently in - by actively raising our soul vibrations, so we are fully equipped to deal with whatever is before us with the greatest wisdom possible. As we are Light-beings it is especially important at these times to fill ourselves with Light - to be around soul friends, to choose Light-filled activities and places, that will feed us

Dr Edward Bach, founder of the healing Bach Flower Essences, helps us understand this dynamic, when he described how his beautiful essences work - 'They cure not by attacking the disease, but by Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts away as the snow in the sunshine.'

To allow the Light of higher consciousness to flood our being in difficult moments is essential. We do this by stepping out of our own way, and allowing Heaven centre stage - by letting go of the outcome, by asking the highest of everyone concerned may be achieved, and by having the courage to hold on to this intention.

Our troubled situation will be resolved - generally not in the way we had imagined. Often the solution is something we couldn't have dreamt of, but that is perfect for all involved. Then we realise that the universe is much more powerful, more imaginative than we had thought. Let's experience life's many tiny miracles by making room for them - not only in our happy moments, but in times when we feel angry, despairing, or sad.

February 2005

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