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A Beautiful Easter

Have you noticed how each new year begins with such hope. Then as we get busy, how quickly even the things we love start to pall. As our commitments continue grow often we allow ourselves little or no soul space - and so vital parts of us start to fall asleep.

The more stressed and busy we become, the more our soul aches. It cries out - urging us to slow down a little, to be clear about our boundaries, to nurture our precious life's energy.

As we watch the trees shed their beautiful leaves, we learn something essential about life. When we let go of what we no longer need, all the things that await us begin to flow to us. And, just as the falling leaves fertilise the ground for spring, when we let go of what we no longer need, we enrich our own futures.

There's a beautiful practice we can perform each night that helps us let go. Just before you go to sleep, simply hand every part of your life and your being back to the Great Spirit. Hand back all you have experienced during the day, all you have achieved, all that you wish to achieve, all you possess, all those you love. Hand back your life also. When you are able to let go in this way, you will then start to discover what it's like to live each and every moment of your life.

'When you have accomplished all that you can, lie down and go to sleep.
God is awake'.
- Victor Hugo

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