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Living in a Sea of Miracles

Autumn is a time of fulness and gentleness as the sun burnishes everything it touches with gold. This last week in Adelaide I met a very special artist who has been gifted with Sight. She has created two beautiful paintings of the Virgin Mary for local churches that have since experienced a number of miracles around them. For four years she has wanted to paint a major Aboriginal figure in Australia and enter it into the Archibald - Australia's most prestigious portraiture prize. Time slipped away, and her dream began to fade. Then a few weeks ago he contacted her. She had under a month to get together a painting that would normally be created over a year.

She had to make the sudden decision whether or not to go ahead. With her heart full, she locked herself away day after day, painting, imbuing the painting with Light as she did worked. She asked her subject permission to include in the painting his ancestral guides that came to her also, which can be seen if you look at the painting with great care. Before she sent off the painting, more than anything she wanted the finished painting blessed to dedicate it to something higher than herself and she had in mind a leading international Buddhist figure. She rang a friend who lived locally had contacts close to this man. A few hours later one of his monks rang, and to her great surprise she discovered, even though he lives overseas he was in Adelaide.

This holy man came and blessed the painting. Observing the law of energy exchange, the artist handed him an envelope containing $50 - a huge sacrifice as this was almost all she had at that time. The man then asked to see her altar - somehow he knew she had an altar in her bedroom. Her bedroom was a mess at the time, but realising this was important, shyly the artist took him and his monks into her bedroom, and witnessed the blessing of her altar. At the conclusion of their time together the holy man handed her an envelope - in it contained sacred calligraphy and three $100 notes.

March 2006

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