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On Easter

As Easter approaches promising a short holiday, and time with friends and family, often part of us is drawn to the deeper aspects of what the Easter story is about. Yet as much as we'd like to connect more deeply with this sacred observance, frequently we're repelled by the terrible suffering of Jesus. Or we recall our own religious upbringing and how it failed us, so we discard the deeper aspects of Easter.

Perhaps this Easter may be a turning point. Perhaps it's time to revisit our early religious upbringing, to look more profoundly at those who tried to teach us something more about life. Perhaps their approach was harsh and unhelpful at times, but perhaps in hindsight we can see that like us, they were attempting to extract greater meaning from life, because like us, they knew that greater meaning was to be had there. As we reflect on this, perhaps it's time to forgive these individuals, to hold their memory in the Light of goodness, and allow all that was unhelpful to dissolve in the beauty of what ultimately they were trying to achieve. In this moment perhaps we can find it in our hearts to ask that each of these individuals may be at peace and be happy, and that they too may find realisation.

Then as our thoughts deepen, perhaps it's time to turn our attention to the Master Jesus - not simply as a man at the centre of the dramatic Easter story - but as a great being of Light, who not only changed those He came into contact with, but countless millions the world over. Whose very Light shines today throughout the Universe, teaching us the power of wisdom, goodness, and truth. While it is good to honour Master Jesus for being willing to submit to dying on the cross, He asks that we remember that this was not the end of His story.

The Master Jesus shows us how to walk through life with grace, strength and clarity. When we ask, He will walk with us, He will protect and provide a healing hand, but He cannot make our journey for us. In declaring I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light, He was not asking that we slavishly follow everything He said, but that we make a deep inner connection with the I AM of God within, and walk accordingly. The Master Jesus invites us to live in the magnificence of our own God presence - a presence we often fear. As Nelson Mandela rightly pointed out - it is our Light not our darkness we fear.

This Easter you are being invited to deepen your acquaintance with the Master Jesus - He holds His healing hand out to you in this moment, offering you the gifts of greater Illumination, and a much richer sense of Life, the experience of greater Love. As you make deeper contact with Him and with your own I AM presence within, may this Easter be like no other.

Easter 2005

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