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Dorothy Maclean on the Vedic Kingdom

In 1962 Peter and Eileen Caddy, their three children and friend Dorothy Maclean were unemployed and living in a caravan park near the seaside village of Findhorn, Scotland. They decided to make ends meet by planting vegetables - no easy feat with dry sandy soil, and a cold and windswept location that enjoyed only twenty-six inches of rain a year.

Then Dorothy discovered she could contact the nature spirits or devas. They instructed her how to make the most of the poor soil, and over time sixty-five different vegetables, forty-two herbs and twenty-one types of fruit flourished in this soil. The forty pound cabbages, eight foot high delphiniums, and roses that bloomed in the snow, attracted horticultural experts near and far, and the internationally acclaimed spiritual community of Findhorn was born. When IBM research scientist Marcel Vogel visited Findhorn he commented, ‘This garden isn’t growing from the soil, only in the soil. The plants are fed by the consciousness of the community.’

During her Findhorn years Dorothy was dismayed to see one of the well-fed cats catching birds and mice, and anything else she could. Dorothy tried to talk to the cat to no avail, so she went into deep meditation and asked that the pure God essence within her might contact the overlighting being that cared for cats. When Dorothy then explained her problem to this being, it asked her if she was willing to take care for all the cats in existence, which she couldn’t. Dorothy was then told that cats would retain their hunting instincts - until mankind could be trusted not to do neglect them.

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