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Deepak Chopra on the Vedas

Dr Deepak Chopra, one of the leading figures in mind/body medicine, began his training as a doctor in neuro-endocrinology at a time when the link had been made between certain molecules, neuropeptides, and the physical aspects of emotions. ‘Suddenly I realized I was seeing the interface between consciousness and reality. But then I observed patients with the same disease and doctor, undergoing the same treatment, where one would die and the other would make a complete recovery. I realized something was missing.’ This led him to study the Vedas.

‘The ideas in the Vedas (the ancient Indian philosophy and science) are quite radical for those of us trained in a more materialistic world view. They teach that we are not in our body, our body is in us; that we are not in our mind, our mind is in us; and that we are not in the world, the world is in us. Just as we don’t have to have faith or belief in electricity or gravity, because we can experience it and understand it in a way that satisfies us intellectually, the same is true of our understanding of the soul.’

Another intriguing insight is the Law of Least Effort. ‘It’s about learning the effortless spontaneity and economical expenditure of energy we see in nature… Effortlessness is the true nature of all life. So, every time we experience resistance, whether it’s in our job, with our health, in a relationship, or with success, we know something is out of alignment. This stems from our attitudes and behaviours. The way out of this is through ease.’

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