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Caroline Myss Contemplates True Powerfulness

'‘I have always been attracted to the spiritual monastic path, which is why I now have such an interest in mystics without monasteries, because this is the next step,’ explains Caroline Myss. ‘That’s why I adore being Catholic. When I was growing up as a Catholic we were bilingual in English and angels. Miracles could happen every day. The invisible power of angels and saints was everywhere. This book has brought me full circle, because while I don’t have a high regard for church politics, or the politics of any religion, the mysticism of the Christos as embraced within the Catholic faith is so magnificent.’

In her new book Invisible Acts Of Power Caroline explores the concept of grace. During the course of writing the book, Caroline experienced the true power of grace for herself. Having asked her readers and subscribers to her website to tell her of their own life-changing experiences, she was overwhelmed by the response. ‘I used to be torn between being out in the world, and the desire for retreat, but nothing is the same after reading the 1,200 letters I received. These were letter after letter of the profound transformations that had taken place in people’s lives. I sat and read these letters of the miraculous and of kindness, one after the other, for ten days. You can’t remain the same after that. Then you realise, these letters carry an element that is alive. I decided this had to be the book.’

Caroline stresses it is this grace that lights our spiritual path. ‘We have become sophisticated, but this is not the same thing as being powerful. Every person will go through the stage where they will think power is about owning things, being recognised. Most will live and die with this illusion, caught in the endless cycle of getting and having. The greater journey is that a person should suffer, so they start to understand there’s something wrong with their calculations. Then as people let go of their visible forms of power, they themselves become an act of power. This is the highest calling - walking through life with grace, and invisibility is the key.’

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