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Brian Weiss on Past Lives

Reincarnation wasn’t something Florida psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss expected to encounter in his practice. Then in 1980 Catherine, a laboratory technician, came to see him because of recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. When Catherine was asked to return to the time when her symptoms had arisen, she went back to 1863 BC, describing traumas from that lifetime that clearly related to her current condition. There were many layers to Catherine’s past-life recollections. ‘She was so different under hypnosis. She would speak of things she couldn’t know in her conscious mind. She spoke in foreign languages. She even described the lives and deaths of my father and son.’

Since Catherine, Dr Weiss has regressed around four thousand people, both individual patients and groups, and continues to observe the profound healing that can take place during these sessions. ‘For me it’s a daily experience. I’m watching people heal from physical, psychological and emotional illness. They often become very psychic. They lose their fear of death, their grief at the death of loved ones, because they finally see they are immortal. This (experience) frequently changes their belief system. We’re talking about all kinds of people here - salesmen, insurance men.’

On soul mates Dr Weiss says, ‘We have many soul mates, because we’re all connected. They may come to you to affect your life for a week or a month, because it was your destiny to meet. But you still have the free will to choose what to do about it.’ Soul mate connections need not be romantic. In fact, falling for a soul mate may even compromise the soul progress of those concerned. ‘To love is not always to have,’ Dr Weiss explains. ‘How we respond depends on our level of consciousness, and how unconditional our love is. The important thing to remember is that all souls are connected. We are going to be with them throughout eternity. Sometimes our relationships change. Our lover in this life is our child in the next.’

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