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Brandon Bays Overcomes Cancer

Brandon Bays can’t remember a time when she wasn’t passionate about life - ‘I had a thirst to find out who we are from being the tiniest child. I guess I came here with this longing.’ This impulse inspired Brandon to train in acupressure, kinesiology, iridology, herbalism and nutrition, and to explore many other aspects of complementary medicine. Then her world came to a standstill when she was diagnosed with a football-sized tumour.

After homeopathic and other remedies, while Brandon looked healthy, her stomach remained hard as a rock. She was near to despair when suddenly she was catapulted back into a memory of childhood violence that she thought she had dealt with. ‘I realised there was a quantum leap between accepting what has happened to you and truly forgiving it. I realised that the tumour had never been clinging to me: I had been clinging to it. Thirty years of blame were over. I’d finally let go of the story.’ When Brandon went back to see her specialist the tumour was gone.

Brandon knew she’d stumbled on something important, yet while it was known that negative emotions can be trapped in the body and cause extreme illness, there was no method for individuals to consciously release these emotions. Deepak Chopra helped Brandon make the link, by researching what, if any, elements survivors of serious illness had in common. He discovered each of these individuals had spontaneously tapped into their own potential, and to the cell memories stored in the body where the disease was. By so doing they had enabled their bodies to heal naturally.

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