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Allison Dubois on the Death of Loved Ones

Allison’s work as a profiler, now the subject of the TV series Medium is based on her psychic gifts that she received as a child. ‘A lot of people think what I do is dark, but the information I give is not always grim, often it’s quite nice. I hear people say things happen around them, and they think it’s their father or mother. Sometimes you have to trust inside it is your father. They pick things around you that are specific to them that you would notice about them. That’s their way of giving characteristics of them, so you know it’s them. When someone comes to you while you’re asleep who has passed over, that’s not a dream, it’s a visit. They do get frustrated to be dismissed, so if they make the effort to come through, acknowledge them.’

In her work Allison deals with all kinds of death, including that of children. ‘Children who have died feel very comfortable with living children and see them as playmates,’ she explains. ‘It’s not that those kids are bound there, but that is where their best memories of earth are there. If you’ve got orphans, for example, they’ll stay in the area of that orphanage, not because something bad happened to them there. To them the orphanage is still the way it was back them and they can relive playing ball with their friend, and the things they went through together. There are a lot of orphans who had good experiences with other orphans, who became like family to them.’

According to Allison many children are psychically gifted. ‘Children normally see people who have died because they have closed down yet and try to explain everything away to rid themselves of that experience.’ One of her main messages is that we don’t lose our loved ones. ‘People say can you tell my father I loved him. You can tell your father yourself - he can hear you. You don’t need a medium to tell them, you need a medium to hear what they say. You have a direct line to them.’

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