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Resourcing Boys in the 21st Century

Finding a new language and vision

This can be a half or full day workshop – a half day where Maggie takes you through her findings – a full day where you also workshop a full plan of action.

9.15am - 12.30pm Workshop

In this interactive presentation Maggie will share key findings from her extensive research into the lives of boys, in What Men Don't Talk About and What's Happening to Our Boys? To put these books together Maggie interviewed many boys, teachers, school counsellors, psychologists, law enforcement and medical personnel to get an insider's view on what boys are experiencing right now. There are over 70 boys' voices in the book.


  • Research methodology
  • Teenage boys - the back story - a brief update on tweens and younger boys, (a preview of tomorrow's teens)
  • The contemporary teen mindset - attitudes to authority, achievement, learning, adults, peers

10.30am - 10.45am: Morning tea

  • Teen sexuality - what's making boys vulnerable
  • The impact of video games
  • Secret Life of Boys - inside Chat Roulette, teen forums, teen language
  • Teen culture - the interface of brands, pop culture, and the high-tech revolution
  • The rise in body image issues
  • Boys and violence and bullying

12noon - 12.30pm: The Way Ahead

  • Constructing a new sense of belonging, vision and purpose



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