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21st Century Girls: Survival of the Prettiest, Coolest, Riskiest


In this presentation Maggie details three distinct phases increasing numbers of girls now go through from learning about pretty counts, to believing risky is the best way to navigate teen life. As well as examining the impact on of these phases on' girls, she also offers a range of easy-to-implement solutions. Pop culture is central to how girls behave, to their aspirations and anxieties.

In spite of all we're lead to believe, pop culture is not an organic process. It's an endless feast of carefully crafted messages to get girls to spend. Overriding the influence of parents and teachers, and fuelled by the might and expertise of powerful corporations, it has a massive influence over what girls look like, worry about, and aspire to. Undermining a girl's belief in herself, her unique talents and much more, it makes it impossibly hard for girls to grow up to be happy, confident, empowered women.

What are the physical and emotional impacts of these unhelpful influences, and what can we do about it?

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