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What is Happening to Our Girls?

In a few short years our girls have become vulnerable - not just teen girls - young girls and baby girls. Discover the challenges this new generation is facing and what you can do about it.

In Maggie's talk she will look at:

  • What makes this generation different from their parents
  • Why peers are central
  • The impact multi-million dollar marketing campaigns are having on imagination, self esteem and body image
  • Why brands matter
  • Why depression, cutting, eating disorders and binge-drinking are on the rise
  • What's happening with sexting and the underage sex scene
  • Why and how girls lead secret lives
  • Why increasing numbers of girls are accessing porn
  • And the solutions


'Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for raising the awareness level of parents and caregivers about what is going on in their children's world.' - Moira, mother of two teenage girls

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