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What is Happening to Our Boys?

When it comes to being concerned about the vulnerability of our kids, we do tend to focus on girls, failing to realize how vulnerable boys are in the twenty-first century.

In Maggie's talk she will look at:

  • How boys are now vulnerable to marketers
  • Its impact on anxiety levels, possessions and body image
  • Why there's a growth in eating issues amongst boys
  • What impact video games have
  • The impact our highly sexualized landscape has on boys coming into puberty
  • Why alcohol has such appeal
  • The secret life of boys
  • Understanding the underage sex scene
  • Who's accessing porn and why
  • And the solutions


'What's Happening to Our Boys? gives parents a critical insight into the many pressures that boys growing up now face. It arms us with strategies that we can implement to help prevent our sons falling into the at risk behaviours documented in the book, which can so detrimentally effect their development and growth into the "good man" they could possibly be.' - Nicole, mother and blogger http://planningwithkids.com .

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