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The Magic of Story


Combining her academic, creative and theatrical interests, Maggie has put together this interactive workshop for kids aged 10 -14.

From the beginning of time stories have enchanted and mesmerised us, to the point that life without stories is unimaginable. Our lives are filled with stories - not only those we read about, but those we encounter in our everyday lives. Their textures and nuances give shape to who we are, suggesting who we yet might be. They stretch the vision we hold for ourselves and our world. They bind us together. They stimulate us, daring us to reawaken those parts of us that had fallen asleep, enabling us to dream the big dreams.

Drawing on her years in publishing, and her own experience as a writer, Maggie will discuss the shape and meaning of stories past and present, as well as the influences that continue to shape her own imaginative life.



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