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Mad About Ads

New Talk

Using a lively mix of YouTube clips, Powerpoint and class participation this fun-filled session shows Years 5 - 7 :

  • how and when they’re sold to
  • why feeling bad about yourself is good for business
  • when games and stories are just ads in disguise
  • clever ways to keep you spending
  • how much you are worth to each brand and why

This interactive session exposes key advertising tricks, brand blackmail, and takes kids behind-the-scenes to see how food ads and beauty makeovers happen. They come away with solid information about:

  • how and when they’re sold to
  • easy-to-implement take home messages
  • and … a fun takeaway project


Teachers commented about the suitability of Maggie’s material, her engaging approach, and the ways Maggie helped this group of just under 200 children begin to develop an awareness about some of the ways marketers target children to cultivate product dependency. - Randall Bourchier, Mooroolbark Umbrella Community Group




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