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Love Your Work, Reclaim Your LIfe

Day workshop

Having identified your specific challenges at work, this innovative workshop will lead you through a series of techniques, that will enable you to draw up a comprehensive plan of action, so you can create the working life, and life beyond work, that you long for. After a thorough examination of current trends in the workplace, you will learn effective techniques to overcome manic work patterns; handle the psychological pressures of work; deal effectively with stress and exhaustion; fulfil your work commitments with ease; attract the support and resources you need; manage difficult clients and workmates; find role models that inspire; determine your goals and direction; develop a rich and creative life beyond work.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the true working climate you are working in at present
  • Identify those characteristics that continue to undermine you
  • Recognise the wider challenges you face
  • Construct a detailed action plan that incorporates life at and beyond work.

Course Content

During this workshop there will be a thorough examination of :

  • Current trends at work
  • Negative work patterns
  • Challenges in the wider climate at work
  • Develop a detailed action plan


'Can I thank you for your encouraging words and the issues you brought up at last Saturday's course. It was definitely one of the best courses I've ever attended.' -Juliet, Sydney

'Thank you for your presentation. In the weeks following your talk I have accepted a new job and will soon be leaving my current place of employment. Your advice on focusing on the positive aspects of my current workplace and on giving a resignation graciously were invaluable. Thank you for making this an exciting, rather than traumatic, time.' - Melissa, Perth

These presentations/workshops have been conducted to a whole range of groups including:

  • Annual conference of Australian Booksellers and Publishers, Canberra
  • Annual conference of the Australian Campus Booksellers, Sydney
  • International Women's Day, Dept of Aging, Disability and Home Care, Sydney
  • Ultimo Chamber of Commerce, Sydney
  • University of Western Australia's Extension Summer School, Perth
  • New Spirit Expo, Auckland, and Wellington (February 2006)
  • Staff of Sydney TAFE
  • Senior CENTACOM case workers, Sydney

This material has been presented to a wide spectrum of groups in the public and private sector, as both open and private lectures and workshops, and at conferences.



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