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A Soft Place to Land

Life-changing moments of wisdom and grace

A Soft Place to Land'This inspiring book will transform your life! I love this book. It is a book of the heart.' - Denise Linn

We all want to find a safe, nurturing place where we can thrive. With her hallmark gentleness and wisdom, Maggie Hamilton shares insights that will help you arrive at your own special place in life.

Discover how to reawaken the parts of you that have been sleeping, reclaim your passion for living, and nourish yourself in body and spirit. Find new ways to dissolve moments of sadness or despair, and simple touches that will warm your days. Rediscover your faith in yourself and your ability to make good decisions. Savour the gifts of the seasons, and the endless opportunities to celebrate the joy of being alive.

Drawing in a rich mix of everyday experiences, wisdom stories and travels to faraway places, A Soft Place to Land offers page after page of beautiful ways to open your heart and make your soul dance.

Adyar Bookshop October 2007 eNews

Maggie Hamilton's extraordinary body of work has had a major impact on the literature of spirituality and self-development in Australia. Over the years Maggie has grown as both an author and a spiritual teacher, and this, her latest book, is an absolute delight, proving once and for all that Maggie has taken her place amongst the premier thinkers and writers in this country
A Soft Place to Land is wonderfully readable, filled with short and inspiring stories and essays that can be picked up and read at any time, making this the perfect bed-side companion. Filled with spiritual wisdom drawn from many traditions and from Maggie's own fascinating experiences and travels, this is a book that is at turns gentle and powerful, and a thrilling reminder that the world is full of the most incredible miracles, if only we care to look ... Maggie's writing is clear and accessible, and this is a book thoroughly deserving of your attention. It will ignite your passions and revive your faith in human nature.

Advance Praise for A Soft Place to Land

‘Reading Maggie’s book was like a meditation itself: profound wisdom and lessons on life written in a beautiful, simple and thoughtful manner. A book to pick up and intuitively choose a lesson for the day. While I was reading, I had my own sacred moment.’ - Yvonne Wierzbicki, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

‘Maggie’s words speak with such gentleness that they seem simply to enter your being. There’s often a sense that to access the divine you have to deprive yourself, but I really love the way she encourages you to embrace your life in its totality, to look for the divine in every sphere. You never know what might happen. Miracles are all around us.’ - Venicia Bush, Sydney, Australia.

‘I am so honoured and privileged to review this wonderful, inspirational and very readable book. I defy anyone to read it without shedding a tear, as it reaches deep into your soul, opens your heart and expands your consciousness. Maggie Hamilton is a “wise old soul”, and these true
stories have been brought together to lift you when times are dark, and gently put you into that sacred space which is truly “a soft place to land.” I know that you will enjoy reading it just as much as I have, and will dip into it time and time again.’ - Heather Hoyland, Yorkshire, England.

‘Another beautiful, inspiring work from Maggie Hamilton. From the depth and breadth of her wisdom, understanding and knowledge, she guides us on a journey through places that remind us of our soul-being and rekindle the passion for living life to its very fullest and most satisfying expression. Thank you so much, Maggie.’ - JoyeMichelle Mitchell, Orewa, New Zealand.

‘This book is a real gem, full of love, warmth, wisdom and compassion. Whatever your spiritual path might be, you will find some real treasures in here to help light your way.’ - Craig Wedge, Auckland, New Zealand.

‘A wonderful collection of delightful tales that touch your heart and make you think, and which offer help and advice, especially when you are in need of some guidance.’ - Caroline Ashby, Dorset, England.

‘A great selection of everyday experiences and stories that brings you back to the meaning and simplicity of life. This book takes you into your heart space, creating an oasis of peace when life gets too hectic. At times I felt like crying, at other times I experienced a gentle feeling of love at the beautiful experiences being related. This is a book that can be picked up at any time, and the passages within it will relate to whatever is occurring in your life. I thoroughly recommend this book for all who are traveling on life’s journey.’ - Marie Schollum, Sydney, Australia.

Viking, Penguin A$29.95

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