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Secret Girls' Business

Life. Love. Fashion. Craft. Food. Fun. Imagination. Friends.

Secret Girls' BusinessSecret Girls' Business is your one-stop guide to funky crafts, wardrobe and bedroom makeovers, eco and vintage fashion, and more. Make your own cards and gift tags, and learn how to stage the perfect high tea. And whether you're curylicious or the perfect pear, discover easy ways to look and feel great about your body size.

This is your chance to step inside the world of some amazing vintage blog queens from London to Brooklyn, and be inspired by the unique treasures to be found in your local thrift store. Are you ready to sign the handmade pledge, or stage your own swapping spree? Do you need some help to polish up your eco credentials or find that first part-time job?

Don't miss out on the secret girls' recipes that include an impossible quiche and the best hot chocolate in the world. You'll love all the grandma magic tips for everything from tight shoes and hard-to-remove stains, to how to revive silk flowers.

Along with fun ways to discover of their own family story found in old buttons, postcards and other family memorabilia, there's great advice on issues from sibling rivalry to how to stay safe at night.

Why I wrote the book

Life's pretty complex for teen girls right now. While they've more choices, they're way more anxious about their looks, possessions, and bodies. This generation of girls also has less confidence and creativity, few friendships across the generations and life experiences. Most of their spare time is spent on packaged entertainment or shopping. And their pre-occupation with celebrities means often they know little about their own story. We need to encourage girls in fun ways that give them a new sense of what they're capable of.

This book is not in any way affiliated with, or related to, the book "Secret Girls' Business™" by Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson and Rose Stewart published in 2003.
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