Maggie Hamilton's Book - WHAT?S HAPPENING TO OUR BOYS? Reading Notes
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Reading Group Notes:

What's Happening to Our Boys?

What's Happening to Our Boys?

What are the early developmental needs boys have that often get forgotten?

What is media critic professor Mark Crispin Miller indicating when he says, 'The official advertising worldview is that your parents are creeps, teachers are nerds and idiots, authority figures are laughable, nobody can really understand kids except the corporate sponsor.'

Why are boys so addicted to brands from so young?

What are the effects of games such as Ben 10?

What is the impact on boy of the endless jokes we tell about men and boys?

What are the key elements mums bring to a boy's life?

Why is it so important boys have good men in their lives?

Where are most boys going for their role models?

Are the impact of video games as concerning as some make out?

What's causing a rise in body issues amongst boys?

How do boys feel about their dads, and why are they sad when they don't see their fathers much if at all?

Does growing in a highly sexualised climate impact boys?

How can boys lead secret lives?

Why are the opportunities to experience service, managed risk and resilience so important?

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