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Reading Group Notes:

What Men Don't Talk About

What Men Don't Talk About cover

Why does society finds it so hard to acknowledge that boys (and men) can be vulnerable, and what are the effects?

What is the emotional mis-education of boys and how does it impact on their lives, relationships and outlook?

Although, like girls, teen boys have complex emotional lives, largely they remain beneath the surface. How do they present themselves? How different might their lives be if they were encouraged to be more expressive?

Why is it the dark face of boy’s sport remains hidden? What does it say about what we want of boys and men? What is the fallout?

Psychologist Jo Tanenbaum warns society to take care when raising boys who are so attuned to the needs of women without also ensuring boys understand their own needs and how to fulfil them. What is your response to this?

The dysfunction of teen is increasingly seen as the norm. What does this do to our young men?

Why are men viewed as emotional cripples, and what can be done to reverse this?

What do men want from relationships? Is this compatible with the needs of women?

Men express love in a myriad of ways – what are some of the ways you are aware of.

Men do have their own language. How can women learn the language of men, and how can men learn to better express it?

The tenderness of men isn’t something most of us think about, but it is both real and profound. How can this tenderness be nurtured and encouraged.

When we talk of men at work we have become distracted by the one or two per cent of men who run companies and sit on boards. What is the experience of most men at work?

The anxieties and immense love many fathers have for their kids is little understood or expressed – as is the importance in the developmental progress of their children. How can this be better understood and articulated?

What is it our older men need from us – and what is their legacy for upcoming generations?

Most women know the importance of girlfriends in their lives, but what of the friendship of men?

Please feel free to add your own responses - using the enquiry form.

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