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Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life

Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life

Step into a whole new way of experiencing work. Right now we are facing work opportunities we've never faced before - at a time when most people are feeling stressed and exhausted and fearful about their work. This is no way to embrace the future.

As you read Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life learn how to overcome manic work patterns - handle the constant changes and cutbacks - cope with layoffs and the takeovers. Discover effective techniques to enable you to be a good boss - to communicate well with clients and workmates - deal with difficult people - manage a career change or breathe new life into your current career - and have a meaningful life beyond work.

Once you have read Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life you'll never see work the same way again.

Responses to Love Your Work

'I am just about to finish Love Your Work. I have really enjoyed every single word. I found that I reallly responded to the way you write and resonate with your wisdom.' - Elizabeth, Melbourne

'Thank you for your book. It was in the right place at the right time.' - Jill, Victoria

'Am at the moment half way through Love Your Work, and I must say that it is EXACTLY what I need at the moment.' - Suzanne, Brisbane

'I'm currently reading Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life and finding the material really thought provoking with lots of practical suggestions that are helping me through what seems to be a never-ending mid-life/mid-career crisis!' - Linda, Melbourne


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