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The Lost Kingdom of Lantia

The Lost Kingdom of LantiaThe binding spell is broken. The Dark Ones, destroyers of the legendary kingdom of Lantia now roam free - determined that this time the world will be theirs.

In spite of dad's misgivings Niff and her brother Simon are thrilled to spend their term break in the city with Aunt Viv, who drives cabs to make ends meet. Then Niff encounters the Dark and everything changes. Who is the stranger on the ferry? What terrible secrets lie buried in the abandoned coal mines? And what can Niff, Simon and their new friend Jess hope to do about this?

Responses to The Lost Kingdom of Lantia

'This book is classical fantasy, part of a network of wonders, significant not only in itself but in the links it may forge with other wonderful tales' - Margaret Mahy

'crisp, exciting and absorbing ... top stuff with timeless appeal' - The West Australian

'I've been searching for a copy of The Lost Kingdom Of Lantia ever since I read it when I was 10 years old - it was my favourite book in primary school and I've been dying to read it again.' - Sophie

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