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Coming Home

Coming Home

Rediscovering Our Sacred Selves

While most of us yearn for more depth and meaning, we feel empty most of the time. For too long many of us have lived with little joy or satisfaction. In spite of this, we all have the capacity to live more fully and creatively - to realise our dreams.

In Coming Home discover how to move beyond life's highs and lows - connect with your inner wisdom - deal with those who are difficult and hard to love - use your emotions as they were intended - know when to remain where you are and when to move on - celebrate who you are mind, body and spirit - because regardless of where you are at present, now is the perfect time to move beyond your limitations and discover who you are and what you are capable of.

Responses to Coming Home

'I read this during a low point in my life and it was like soul food. It helped me realign my way of living, to find buoyancy again.' - Nikki Gemmell, Sunday Life

'Thoroughly enjoyed your book, in fact I am buying my three children a copy each, so they can read it when they are ready.' - Pam, Sydney

'I'm currently reading Coming Home, which I am enjoying and finding very helpful at this particular stage in my life. - Amanda

'I would like to convey to you, that I have been really blessed finding this book.  I believe it will become one of my all time favourites. Thank you so much for making the time in your life to write it.' - Bet

Viking, Penguin A$19.95

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