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Who Is Your Role Model?

A key to finding ourselves in the right place at the right time at work is, in part, in the role models we chose. Are we attracted to certain individuals because we respect them, or is it their lifestyle or bank balance that appeals? If we want to be genuinely successful at work and to weather the many challenges with relative ease - then we need role models that will take us beyond our current view of ourselves, showing us who we yet might be.

Who are the role models that inspire you? Do they excite you mind, body and spirit? What are their special characteristics? How can you adopt these qualities at work? Often the most powerful role models in our lives are not connected to work. They may be figures from our childhood - community - or our family. They might be such figures as Kopi Annan or Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela.

Make the time to find out as much about these individuals as you can. Then if you are in a dilemma at work, you can ask yourself how they would respond. Would they embroil themselves in office politics - would they hire and fire without thought - would they take credit for other people's work - would they conceal their mistakes? Or would they work that bit harder - support those around them - come up with new solutions to old problems? When you select good role models you will start to work differently - to have a more expansive view of yourself and your work. This is important because at the heart of the way we choose to work is the question of how we most want to live.

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