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Time For A Soul Break

As the sinking sun sets behind a sea of spinifex and mulga trees, for the first time in a long while I feel I can breathe properly. The only sound is the gentle rustle of wind in the dry grass. Beyond is a silence so deep it nurtures every part of me. Although I'm a long way from the city and everything that is familiar, there's no sense of isolation. Out here in the Tanami desert life seems so clear. I feel a profound connection with all living things. And, as I realise this, my soul begins to sing. These kinds of moments await us all, but rarely do we experience them.

One of the best ways we can move beyond the stress and exhaustion is to take a soul break - to get as far away as possible from our daily routine - to leave our jobs, our social lives, our towns and cities behind - so we can begin to breathe again. We all need soul breaks now and then. We know when we're ready for a soul break, because nothing seems to satisfy - not work, not our achievements, not even those we love.

Then when it's time to take off - enjoy each moment as it unfolds. Experience the bliss of having space between thoughts - space just to be - space to be genuinely inspired. Each soul journey brings new gifts, enriching our friendships, our work and all we hold dear. The more we venture beyond the city limits, the more we can experience the wisdom and healing that awaits us there.

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