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The Superhuman Trap

Is it possible that by embracing the achievement-oriented ethics of the workplace, many of us have not only lost ourselves to our work, but have lost touch with our humanity? Has our exhilaration at the opening up of workplace opportunities clouded our judgement of what is achievable - not only for us - but for those we work with?

In her book Revolution from Within Gloria Steinem talks openly about her own self-neglect in spite of all she achieved - I felt like I was taking care of the world, and saw myself only as caretaker.' Numerous friends have confessed to a total lack of joy around work in spite of their success. They constantly talk in terms of survival, because no matter how hard they work, they never seem to experience any let-up. Many admit to intense loneliness, because there's no-one with whom they can share their real selves. They may be successful but they're living like finely-honed work machines, rather than living, breathing, passionate human beings.

Perhaps being truly successful is less about being supermen and women than it is about being energetic, joyful, fulfilled individuals in every aspect of our lives. Once we recognise this we are inspired to retrieve critical parts of our lives - to create time out for ourselves - for our friends and family - for creative pursuits - for travel even. For each of us the way back will be different. We don't necessarily have to quit our job, so much as expand the possibilities of the moment. Then as we become the passionate, vibrant individuals we ache to be, we become real people with real lives.

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