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In Search Of The X Factor

To create a more life-enhancing work dynamic we need to take a good look at our work life as a whole, and at our daily working rituals, so we can see clearly those parts of our work that have become static or unproductive. So, where are the hold-ups in your job? Where is valuable time being lost? Which projects do you always fall short on? What parts of your brief do you avoid altogether?

It's important to be honest, and to note these things down, so your present situation becomes obvious to you. Then you will begin to see how when you avoid the more routine aspects of your job, you compromise the momentum you have worked so hard to achieve, by allowing lifeless practices to creep in.

This done, you can then ask ourself how you can breathe new life into those parts of your working lives that have become static. How can you infuse a new level of aliveness in everything you do, to get the life moving in and around your work routine? It's not just the detail of our jobs you need to examine. It's important you acknowledge those you work with, because without their co-operation your work cannot reach its full potential. So, what life-giving gesture can you make to enable them to feel more valued, more motivated, more alive?

It is this willingness to be both smart and human that takes us to a whole new level at work. So, what opportunities does the working day offer you, to breathe new life into your projects, your presentations, your meetings with clients, for as Goethe reminds us, Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.'

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