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Living In the Now

While we love the idea of being awake to each moment, sometimes it can seem a big ask. When we are more relaxed every part of us starts to come alive - it can even feel as if we're experiencing our world for the very first time.

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman was invited by the Dalai Lama to join a team of top scientists brought together to explore emotions.

In one experiment Tibetan monk Lama Oser, who was well practised at living in the now, was shown footage of a variety of people experiencing subtle changes in mood.

The fleeting changes in facial expressions lasted just one-fifth of a second in one case, and one thirtieth of a second in another.

Out of literally thousands of participants, including policemen, psychiatrists and secret service agents, Oser read the emotions of those on screen more acutely than anyone else tested.

So, far from causing us to lose our edge, living in the now enables us to sharpen our perceptions and see things the way they are and not how we assumed they might be.

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